Additional facilities that Hotel Siesta offers

While staying at the The Siesta Hotel , you can rent a bike, make a sightseeing tour of the city of  Užice, or hire a  professional tour  guide to show  you“ The Old Town  Fortress“ (“ Stari Grad“ Fortress) and help you  enjoy a wonderful  view  of  “ The Old Town  Fortress. You can also spend the day close to nature, walking in the mountains,called   Zlatibor  and Zlatar or visiting  numerous  villages such as  Mokra  Gora, Sirogojno or  Zlakusa.

If   you are interested in mountain climbing  or  going kayaking, riding quad bikes through  mountains-we will meet your needs and, with the help of  these   additional tourist spots and attractions,  make your stay more enjoyable  at this hotel.