Kids playroom


As part of , The Siesta Hotel there is a children’s playroom, called “Siestica “devoted to children from 4-12 years of age. While enjoying a pleasant conversation, a business lunch or family lunch, your children can play among their peers, under the careful supervision of suitably qualified and reliable individual. Our teachers, who are trained successfully to work with children of this age, will assure children’s safety, will encourage creativity and encourage making new friendships.

Little children can go into children’s playroom, in the presence of their parents.

Besides an indoor play area which occupies 80 km, The Siesta Hotel has an outdoor playroom area, where it is necessary for parents to look after children. There are toys, in this playroom area, which are suitable for the outdoor area. While entering this playroom your children will have the opportunity to play and breath the fresh air at the same time.

Both playrooms hold safety certificates.

Both hotel guests and guests of a la carte restaurant can use this playroom, free of charge, other guests make payment for the use of the playroom, using a current price list.