About us

The Siesta Hotel is a new place, located in Užice, which we have waited long and eagerly!

A family-owned company,called Coppercom, runs The Siesta Hotel. All the fundamental principles of the company, that have been applied, while managing 30-year successful business, are also incorporated and embraced at The Siesta Hotel.
We have a simple recipe. We encourage and believe in good teamwork, family values. We encourage and stimulate creativity, corporate plans and common goals.We believe that an important element of successful cooperation is sharing and conveying joy.

Užice needed a local hotel, which would greet and welcome each guest as “ an old friend“( a regular guest), but applying modern hotel standards and principles.

Each room is furnished with LCD TV, cable television, cable channels and a mini-bar. Free parking is available to the guests, at The Siesta Hotel.You can start your day by eating a hearty breakfast, a buffet breakfast, which is served at the hotel restaurant, which is both air-conditioned and elegant. Owing to our chefs and cooks, who prepare regional specialities, offering both local and international cuisine, The Siesta Hotel is ready to make you delicious gourmet meals.

The Siesta Hotel has a splendidly equipped modern banqueting hall, which has a maximum capacity of 170 and which is an ideal place to organize and hold wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, seminars, conferences and other events.There is a distance of 1.5 kilometres to the city centre, to the fortress built in the Middle Ages, and to the excellent restaurants located on Užice city beach. There is a distance of less than a kilometre to a city park, called “ Veliki park“.

The word siesta means a rest or sleep taken in the early afternoon, especially in hot countries. You dedicate a period of time to resting. It’s high time you had a siesta.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our hotel.