Grilled chicken breasts

Side dishes: chips
(chicken breasts, chips)

Smoked chicken drumsticks
(Boneless chicken drumsticks, chips )

A gourmet patty
(cuts of meat to grill, smoked bacon, chips )

Grilled minced meat rolls(kebabs)
( chips, onions, minced meat  mixture, cherry tomatoes)

Smoked and grilled   pork neck
(smoked pork neck, onions, chips)

Boneless pork loin chops
( chips, loin of  pork , onions)

Stuffed boneless pork  loin chops  wrapped in the fat cap
( pork of loin, semi-hard yellow  cheese called “Kashkaval” ( Serbian spun cheese), bacon, mushrooms, smoked ham/pork, the pork fat cap)

The Siesta burger