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``Kadinjača`` Memorial Complex

“Kadinjača“  Memorial Complex is especially noticeable among other   monuments in the vicinity of Užice and  the surrounding area. There is a distance of 14 kilometres from Užice  to “Kadinjača“  Memorial Complex.“Kadinjača“  Memorial Complex  has been built 14 kilometres west of Užice.This monument is dedicated to the troops of Workers‘ Battalion from Užice, and to military troops from Posavica and Orasani,  who sacrificed their lives on 29th of November 1941,covering  the main partisan forces and troops, moving  from Užice to Sandzak.

Kadinjača“  Memorial Complex( a historical  monument )was erected and unveiled in 1952, recording painful memories and symbolizing the determination of combatants, who launched and took part in a military rebellion. The  historical  monument was carved into the shape of a pyramid.

There is the charnel house,beneath the monument, where mortal remains of  most  combatants,who died in this battle,  were buried.