Steak with a  red wine sauce(Cabernet  Sauvignon) and with  cranberries

Pepper steak

(black  pepper, grated Parmesan, spicy potatoes)

Grilled  steak

(steak, grilled vegetables, fresh peppers)

Crispy chicken crusted  with pumpkin seeds

(chicken, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, eggs , tartare sauce)

Escalopes of pork,  (escalopes nature)

 (pork tenderloin/fillet of pork, grilled courgettes, peppers)

Turkey  breast fillet  with orange sauce

(turkey   tenderloin/fillet of   turkey, courgettes, candy apples)

 “Karadjordjeva šnicla”  (“ Karadjordje steak”)–a traditional  Serbian dish( which   consists of  rolled pork and which is stuffed with cream) that is breaded and then fried.

Side dishes : savoury potatoes, grilled vegetables, tartare sauce.

(loin of pork, cream, tartare sauce)

Stuffed pork roll-ups
(fillet of pork, vegetables)

 “A la lat” speciality/ Braised lamb with dried fruit/savoury lamb/side dishes:  boiled potatoes, carrots, horseradish,  prunes, walnuts

(lamb, carrots, prunes, milk)

 “Madrelano” pork ribs/ Pork ribs with peppers and sausages /side dishes:  seasonal vegetables

(Savoury sausages, peppers, pork ribs)

Rolled stuffed  veal

 side dishes:  boiled potatoes in cream

(veal rib-eye steak, semi-hard yellow  cheese called “Kashkaval” ( Serbian spun cheese), cream)