Tasty snacks, which have been prepared , to give guests a warm welcome.
(Dalmatian prosciutto, smoked ham, streaky bacon(pancetta), smoked pork)

A local dish called” Užički tanjir Djetinja”
(smoked ham, smoked pork, salami – dried cured sausages, spicy cured sausages, cottage cheese, cream, pork scratchings produced in this region, peppers stuffed with sour cream )

A selection of cheeses(smoked mozzarella cheese, semi-hard cheese called “ Hajduk cheese”, semi-hard smoked cheese called “Kashkaval” ( Serbian spun cheese) , mozzarella cheese, full-fat cottage cheese, wine-soaked cheese, cottage cheese produced in this region, gorgonzola,

A selection of goat’s cheeses
(goat’s cheese, biscuits, prunes, figs, hazelnuts)

Salmon carpaccio-an Italian dish consisting of thin slices of cold smoked salmon.
(arugula, different types of lettuce, smoked salmon, lemon dressing, grated Parmesan)

Beef carpaccio-an Italian dish consisting of thin slices of beef
(different types of lettuce, rump steak, Parmesan)